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To explore, identify and propose innovative solutions that aim to enhance the value of underused natural resources and industrial waste through acceleration of the establishment of environmentally responsible and profitable business practices.

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Our know-how shows that we are much more than a team of researchers. We work with the aim of optimizing the value of the terroir and for the benefit of the community. It is a duty which lives in all of us and which benefits our region.

Our achievements show our know-how and demonstrate to what extent our innovative solutions improve the well-being of the community and the productivity of Quebec.

CTRI’s industrial minerals research group has developed a process to maximize the recovery of mica and silica contained in a quarry residue, paving the way for their upgrades as a range of finished products.

Development of a mica concentration process

Ore and Industrial Mineral Treatment Department

The aim of this project was to test the phytoengineering approach under the most difficult conditions for the growth of plants on waste rock dumps generating acid mine drainage, with a very steep slope and heterogeneous particle size. We offer a low-cost eco-remediation and eco-engineering solution accessible to mining companies. The concepts behind this integrated technology are: the use of pioneer native plants, organic amendments from industrial residues, the use of symbiotic microorganisms and adapted planting techniques. Based on the results, this approach was also validated on a non-generating waste rock pile.

Phytostabilization of mining sites

Applied biology and bioremediation

The contamination of soils by heavy metals as a result of various industrial activities is a widespread and difficult problem to deal with. The use of the ability of certain plants and microorganisms to extract from the soil and accumulate metals represents an interesting solution for the low-cost remediation of contaminated sites. In this project we conducted laboratory, greenhouse and field tests to determine the ability of different species to grow in the presence of contamination and to accumulate metals.

Phytoremediation of contaminated sites

Applied biology and bioremediation

CTRI's industrial minerals research group has developed a process for upgrading quarry, clays and slag residues in the manufacture of lightweight aggregates.

Development of a lightweight aggregate manufacturing process

Ore and Industrial Mineral Treatment Department


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