Ali Entezari-Zarandi, Ph.D

Project manager

Ali Entezari-Zarandi holds a doctorate in Chemical Engineering from Laval University, Quebec, Canada (2017). His subject of study concerns the mineral carbonation of alkaline mine tailing and mineral processing refuse. The objective of his research is to reduce both the carbon footprint of mining activities but also the wastewater of contaminated drainage. Before he joined the CTRI in 2020, Dr. Entezari-Zarandi led a one-year postdoctoral research project on the leaching of rare earth elements with the help of new-generation deep eutectic solvents (DESes) in collaboration with COREM and Laval University in 2018 as well as carrying out a year of postdoctoral research on the potential application of DESes in mineral carbonation in collaboration with l’Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique du Québec (INRS-ETE) in 2019. Furthermore, his master’s degree research was devoted to the hydrometallurgical separation and recovery of rhenium and molybdenum from calcination process fume dust. As an expert in the processing of mine tailing and hydrometallurgy, Ali joined the CTRI team to work on environmental issues of mining activities by the proposal of innovative methods and green alternatives.