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Research and development

The Centre technologique des résidus industriels (CTRI) proposes a research approach to businesses and organizations that is directed towards practical and quickly applicable solutions in the context of their waste management operations.

The CTRI offers innovative technological solutions, applied technological research & development and high-tech trials to support businesses that want to find a practical solution to their industrial waste.


Give value to yout underused resources and forest waste

CTRI team members have substantial expertise that allows us to satisfy your needs in analytical services and the identification of the best ways to manage your biomass waste. Whether these needs are related to the:

  • Physicochemical characterization of your waste (heating value, surface analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, humidity, elementary composition, contaminants…);
  • Analysis of the quality of solid biofuels (heating value, hardness number…);
  • Analysis of the quality of combustion and biomass gaseous emissions.

The CTRI ensures rapid, quality service. Highly qualified staff and regular follow-up of our apparatuses ensures the quality of our services.

Adopting environmentally friendly technologies and processes

We provided the CTRI with a modern infrastructure and pilot-scale equipment that allows you to better adopt environmentally friendly processes for the management and valorization of your biomass waste: among others, the CTRI offers you services of:

  • Optimization of residual timber production and harvesting processes in a sustainable development context;
  • Optimization of the biomass drying process through the recycling of residual energy
  • Pilot studies of biomass energy densification by thermochemical transformation and granulation.

CTRI staff stands ready to travel to participate in trials or proceed with sampling.

Applied research

Environment and water treatment

Bioremediation of Contaminated

Industrial Sites

Our experts are there to support you in your approach of the:

Mise en valeur des minéraux industriels

Optimization of your mineral concentration processes from mine tailing generated by quarry operations

CTRI team members have sound expertise that allows you to satisfy your needs in terms of analytical services and the identification of the best avenues to highlight your undervalued minerals:


  • Drying
  • Sampling
  • Grinding
  • Division
  • Pulverization
  • Fusion (Katanax fluxer)


  • Pursuit of experimental design
  • 1000 kg per hour piloting


  • Decorative facing
  • Aggregate;
  • Mineral concentrate
  • Ceramic and building materials


  • Chemical composition (AA, ICP, XRF, LECO)
  • Mineralogical composition (XRD, SEM, optical microscope)
  • Particle-size distribution (screening, laser, Cyclosizer)
  • Apparent and relative density measurement by pycnometer
  • Porosity and specific surface measurement by the BET method
  • Thermogravimetric analysis
  • Melting point
  • Melting loss


  • Comminution (crushing, grinding, pulverization)
  • Sizing (hydrocyclone, screening)
  • Concentration (flotation, leaching, gravitational separation, magnetic separation)
  • Decantation and filtration

Mineral Processing

Assessment of Mineral Recovery

Whether during the exploration of newly discovered mineral deposits or trials on new reactants or technologies, the CTRI offers you a range of services that allow you to assess the recovery of your metals through laboratory tests or, alternatively, ongoing tests in a semi-industrial plant.

  • Validate the viability of flow diagrams;
  • Optimize the operating parameters proposed by the flow diagram;
  • Validate the functioning of new industrial processes as well as new technologies;
  • Assess the environmental conformity of the process;
  • Minimize technical, environmental, operational and commercial risks;
  • Produce samples that are representative for the purpose of a market assessment;